Bill Scher, an author, political analyst, and pundit in America first rose to prominence in the early 2000s.

Born and raised in New York City in September 1972, Scher credits growing up in a city as diverse as New York – as well as his time studying at Oberlin College – is a big part of why he has always been so attracted to liberal policies and a more progressive look at how America can grow into the future.

Self-identifying as a “proud liberal” individual, Mr. Scher has also been known to take more than a few controversial positions compared to traditional liberal agendas.

Not at all shy about bumping heads against the establishment, particularly those that describe themselves as liberal or left-leaning with policies and politics that are decidedly more conservative or right-leaning when looked at a little closer, Mr. Scher has never been one to shy away from rather strong beliefs about how this country can come together, heal, and best move forward with the interests of all citizens in mind.

For example, in 2006 Scher published a book called Wait! Don’t Move to Canada: A Stay-and-Fight Strategy to Win Back America, a book at the time that wasn’t all that well received by those on the left side of the aisle.

Scher was described by the Hartford Advocate as “one of the most brilliant political minds in the United States”, and this book was a watershed moment for his career.

This book was aimed at connecting with liberals and conservatives that felt as though they had been left behind by the two parties moving rapidly apart from one another – leaving the middle of the nation exposed, unhappy, and tired of unprincipled politics and a general ineptitude of our elected officials to get anything done.

This book went on to cover a “10 Step Plan” designed to help bring about a more liberal vision of what the US government could and should become, a plan that revolved around:

  • Better connecting with the news media and getting them to cover stories that so often go unreported
  • Finding new ways to protest that actually connect with individuals not associated with the protest, rather than acting as a self-congratulatory pat on the back
  • Plugging into the online liberal community that had (back in 2006) begun to throw its weight around and exert pressure on the political establishment

All of which was really aimed at embracing the term “liberal” – so often used derisively – and owning it as something to be proud of, something to be worn almost as a badge of honor.

Establishment Democrats weren’t all that excited about these messages, but as we’ve seen over the last 10 years those in the New Left have really embraced almost every single one of the 10 steps outlined in Scher’s book to great effect.

Mr. Scher has also had his work published in the New York Times, the Huffington Post, and has appeared on C-SPAN as well.

Quickly rising to prominence in this new left, Scher has continued to contribute to the liberal movement with appearances on MSNBC, CNN, NBC news, and a host of other traditional media outlets.

A regular contributor to online publications like POLITICO Magazine as well as The Week, Scher has (of late) been much more active working as an editor and blogger with the Campaign for America’s Future and the website

Today, Scher’s work can regularly be found on the Real Clear Politics platform as well as the online television program called “The DMZ” he puts on with a conservative American political analyst Matt Lewis, a program that can be found on

Mr. Scher has also conducted a number of speaking engagements at colleges and universities throughout the United States, most recently speaking to those at Williams College in November 2018 regarding the future of American politics, how the two American parties involved and continue to do so, and how he believes the race for 2020 is going to shape up and shake out.

He continues to make appearances on television programs like The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell as well as Up with Steve Kornacki, but the overwhelming majority of his most recent work is published through Real Clear Politics or POLITICO.