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The DMZ: Defending Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson did not support the KKK and other myths debunked.

The DMZ: After Paris

Will the Paris attacks boost the authoritarian Donald Trump? Matt and I discuss the aftermath.

The DMZ: Does Rubio + Cruz = Jeb?

Matt and I explore the Cruz-Rubio rivalry and whether that could lead to a Jeb Bush victory.

The DMZ: Clown Car Debate

Can the Republicans have a debate without whining about the moderators? Matt and I dissect the CNBC train wreck.

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The DMZ: Jeb v. Marco

Can Jeb survive his poor debate performance? Matt says it’s Rubio’s time, and Bill says Jeb can replicate John Kerry’s primary win.

Real Clear Politics: GOP Should Quit Playing Scandal Politics

The failure of Benghazi to take down either Obama or Clinton should not have surprised anyone. Presidential scandal politics almost never pay off for the opposition party.

The DMZ: Can Ryan Govern The House?

Matt and Bill debate whether a Paul Ryan speakership would end any differently than John Boehner’s. Justin Trudeau Did What FDR Could Not. Win With Keynes.

For Trudeau to win the Canadian election on an explicit promise to create budget deficits is highly unusual, in any country.

The DMZ: The Dems Debate

Matt and Bill discuss how the first Democratic presidential debate alters the race.

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