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Politico Magazine: Bernie’s Failed Revolution

“[Sanders] failed to substantially change the Democratic Party at its core: its acceptance of big-dollar fundraising and incremental policy advancement.”

Real Clear Politics: No, Our Primaries Are Not Rigged

“But their argument has two main flaws. 1) anecdotes are not data; 2) there is no one democratically pure method for choosing party nominees.”

The New Republic: Is the Republican Party Too Cowardly to Stop Trump?

Yes, Trump is getting outmaneuvered in the state-level delegate selection processes. But to actually band the non-Trump delegates together to thwart the frontrunner will require an enormous amount of political courage and intestinal fortitude … consider that Republicans are in this difficult position precisely because of their years of cowardliness.”

Talk Me Down Episode 2: The Bernie-Hillary Generation Gap

Are Democrats hopelessly divided? Will Bernie Sanders supporters abandon Hillary Clinton if she is the nominee? Will 2016 be 2000 redux? Bill Scher tries to talk Traci Olsen down.

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Real Clear Politics: Are Kasich, Sanders Strongest for General Election?

“…if the nation was falling in love with either candidate, millions more voters would be backing them in the primaries. The vast majority of Sanders’ wins … have been in low-turnout caucus states. Kasich hasn’t won anything outside of his native Ohio.”

Politico Magazine: How Bernie Can Win (But He’s Not Going To Like It)

“[Sanders] needs to start gaining the trust of anyone older than 30. Sanders must swiftly persuade a large number of skeptical voters who are not part of his core of youthful enthusiasts, voters who are nonwhite, or middle-aged, or even his own age and older.”

Politico Magazine: The Case for Vice President Al Franken

The air-tight case is here.

Talk Me Down Episode 1: Donald Trump

Donald Trump makes us anxious! But after you consider America’s demographics, limited cash assets and minimal cross-partisan appeal, you will be talked down.

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Real Clear Politics: Do Anti-Trump Protests Backfire?

“Hillary Clinton headed into the March 15 primaries with her momentum seemingly on the wane … Yet she swept all five contests … did anything happen late in the race that might have helped her? The one event that dominated the news in the final days before Super Tuesday II was the shutdown of Donald Trump’s Chicago rally…

Politico Magazine: How Trump Beats Hillary (and How Hillary Beats Trump)

Politico Magazine asked me to map out how Trump would beat Hillary, and asked conservative Matt Latimer to analyze how Hillary would beat Trump. As you can see, I see Trump’s challenge to be exceptionally daunting…

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