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The DMZ: On The Trail With Trump

The National Review’s 2016 campaign reporter Alexis Levinson takes a break from the trail to step into the DMZ and share her first-hand dispatches from the Trump roadshow.

Politico Magazine: Bernie Sanders, Progressive Enemy #1

Bernie Sanders was supposed to put leftward pressure on Hillary Clinton. But it is the Left that is pressuring Bernie. Why primary challenges are not what they’re cracked up to be.

Politico Magazine: How Hillary Can Keep Biden Out

Hillary Clinton needs to stabilize her numbers and defuse concerns about her trustworthiness. Her husband had the same problem in 1992, and she’s copying his playbook. My walk through Clinton history.

The DMZ: Post-Debate Edition

Matt Lewis and I dissect the first Republican debate of 2016 on this week’s edition of the DMZ.

Real Clear Politics: Why Republicans Shouldn’t Fear a Third-Party Trump

An independent presidential bid from Donald Trump in 2016 would resemble Ross Perot’s campaign from 1992, which is why Trump probably would not hurt the Republican nominee and deliver the race to the Democrats.

The DMZ: Can’t Quit Trump Edition

On this week’s DMZ Matt and I explain the rise of Trump, the downfall of Rand Paul and the future of Hillary Clinton.

The DMZ: Bipartisan Crack-Up?

On this week’s The DMZ we discuss the contentious Netroots Nation presidential town hall and how the Republican Party can stop Donald Trump.

Real Clear Politics: Reykjavik vs. Vienna

With Republicans claiming Obama should have walked out on Iran the way Reagan did in Reykjavik, in Real Clear Politics I take a look back at what really happened at, and after, Reykjavik.

Politico Magazine: When Reagan Dared to Say “God Bless America”

35 years ago today Ronald Reagan became the first presidential nominee to close a convention speech with “God Bless America.” And it was the moment that Reagan yoked the Republican Party to the Christian Right. Read on for why that may have been a big mistake.

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