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Friday Jun 23, 2006

The Week in Revue

As a service to its readers, LiberalOasis presents a round-up of actual headlines from around the country.

GOP Pushes Estate Tax Repeal

"Repealing the death tax is our number one priority when we have soldiers fighting over in Iraq," said House Leader Dennis Hastert. "They are the ones who are in most danger of having to pay it."

Bank Data Sifted by U.S. Secretly in Terror Fight

"Warrants are for wimps," said Dick Cheney. "Read my lips. We don't need no stinkin' warrants."

Doctors See Way To Ease Suffering from Executions

"And I thought, maybe we shouldn't kill them quite so much," said Dr. Gwendolyn Methusalah.

Dr. Methusalah is engineering a new form of execution she calls "Barely Lethal Injection."

Supreme Court Ruling Eviscerates Knock Knock Joke

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that police could enter an apartment after orally announcing their presence, without waiting for the occupant to answer the door. Humorists were horrified. "They got rid of the knock!" said entertainer Wiley the Clown.

Funny people now maintain that the ruling destroys the comedic import of the knock-knock joke and renders it obsolete. "All of a sudden, it's, at best, knock-knock and you have to go right in to the punchline. No waiting for the response from the audience, no who's there. It's awful," said Stan Menchnik, a comedian from Brooklyn.

Menchnik demonstrated. "Knock knock. Sam and Janet Evening," he said without a pause. "Here's another: Knock knock. Orange you glad I didn't say banana."

"You see?" he said. "Not funny."

Menchnik said that comedians are attempting to create a new joke, the "barge right in" joke. "Here's how it goes: Police!"

Posted by Tom Burka on Jun 23, 2006 email post email Spotlight / / You are in Satire