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Friday Aug 11, 2006


It would appear that a bona fide terror plot was foiled yesterday by the British government.

LiberalOasis takes Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff at his word:

This was a very sophisticated plan and operation. This is not a circumstance where you had a handful of people sitting around, you know, coming up with dreamy ideas about terrorist plots.

Presumably, when Chertoff referred to "people sitting around," he meant groups that the Bush Administration has specialized in arresting. (Although, the politically correct phrase has been "more aspirational than operational.")

Anyway, while it's unquestionably a good thing that a live terror plot was thwarted, it's unquestionably scary as well.

Dubya agrees that it's scary:

The recent arrests ... are a stark reminder that this nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt our nation.

Hmm. Not sure anyone really needs any reminders.

We are all too painfully aware that the threat of terrorism has worsened after six years of Dubya's foreign policy.

We know that by occupying Iraq, saber-rattling with Iran, and fanning the flames in the Middle East, Bush has facilitated the spread of Al Qaeda's ideology, strengthening militants and marginalizing moderates in the Arab/Muslim world.

Karl Rove's personal friend Joe Lieberman, of course, doesn't get it:

If we just pick up like Ned Lamont wants us to do, get out [of Iraq] by a date certain, it will be taken as a tremendous victory by the same people who wanted to blow up these planes in this plot hatched in England ... It will strengthen them and they will strike again.

Yet being in Iraq for more than three years is not what stopped these terrorists. British law enforcement did.

And being in Iraq didn't weaken their political will to strike again. It only gave them more oxygen.

Bush claims we are "fighting them over there" so we don't have to "fight them here."

But fighting the wrong people over there is making more people want to bring the fight over here.

If this plot is a reminder of anything, it's a reminder that our current foreign policy is destabilizing the world and making us less safe at home.

Posted by Bill Scher on Aug 11, 2006 email post email Spotlight / / You are in Iraq/ Terrorism
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