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Friday Sep 15, 2006


Yesterday, we saw Republicans admit that getting Osama Bin Laden is not a top priority, while lying about WMD intelligence regarding Iran.

In other words, instead of focusing our military on the main threat to our security, those in charge continue to spread misinformation in service of a reckless foreign policy that harms our security.

Think Progress has the Fox News clip of Fred Barnes relaying comments from Dubya made in an Oval Office session with conservative "journalists."

According to Barnes, Dubya said that sending a large number of special forces to "hunt" down Osama was "not a top priority use of American resources."

(Additional thoughts from Eschaton and The Carpetbagger Report)

The only news to LiberalOasis is the public admission.

Just nine days ago, LiberalOasis wrote this analysis of the Bush-supported Pakistani peace deals with Qaeda-friendly militants:

LiberalOasis would suggest that fully rooting out Al Qaeda never has been a top priority of the Bushies.

They ignored the Clintonite warnings before 9/11 in favor of their neoconservative geopolitical agenda...

... With their hands full in Iraq, yet hungry for a confrontation with Iran, it appears they're OK with trying to sweep the Pakistani Al Qaeda problem under the rug.

By appeasing them.

Speaking of Iran, the International Atomic Energy Association lambasted a recent report from a House GOP Intelligence Committee staffer (released publicly without going through the committee process) for "erroneous, misleading and unsubstantiated statements" and for being "outrageous and dishonest" in parts.

The W. Post story on the flawed report had the quote of the day, from former weapons inspector David Albright:

"This is like prewar Iraq all over again," said David Albright ... "You have an Iranian nuclear threat that is spun up, using bad information that's cherry-picked and a report that trashes the inspectors."

Rep. Peter Hoekstra, chair of the Intelligence Cmte went on MSNBC (discussed in this NPR clip) to defend the report and spin the IAEA criticism, as did his committee flack to the AP.

Hoekstra's defense shows he was being hypocritical back in April when he said:

... we as public policymakers need to know that as we're moving forward and as decisions are being made on Iran, we don't have all of the information that we would like to have.

And that's nothing more than being honest, being honest with the American people of saying in some of this stuff, we wish we had the information, but right now we don't.

Yet his team puts out a dishonest report, and he stands by it. (It is clear now his intention back then was to set-up the CIA as a scapegoat, in hopes of neutering its ability to debunk neocon falsehoods.)

Ending Republican control of Congress this November will deny neocons a platform for spreading misinformation.

And it would send a message that the public does think Osama is a top priority, and our military should be redeployed accordingly.

Posted by Bill Scher on Sep 15, 2006 email post email Spotlight / / You are in Foreign Policy/ Pakistan/ Terrorism
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