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Wednesday Apr 18, 2007

Conservative Judicial Activists Trash Women's Privacy

Wednesday's Supreme Court decision is not about an abortion procedure.

It's about women's health. It's about privacy. And it's about the conservative judicial activist movement.

The Supreme Court, thanks to its new conservative activists John Roberts and Sam Alito -- who snowed far too many people into thinking they were moderates who respected the right to privacy and court precedents -- overruled 35 years of precedent, declaring abortion restrictions do not have to include exceptions to protect the health of the woman.

Meaning that there no longer is privacy from government intervention in the woman-doctor relationship.

The conservative activists do not yet fully control the Court. Justice Anthony Kennedy remains a swing vote, even if he swung in the wrong direction today.

But this ruling is another reminder of what the conservative activists want.

They do not want representative government that protects everyone's freedom to make their own personal moral decision.

They want elitist government that imposes their moral vision on everyone else.

A lot of folks went soft during the Roberts and Alito nomination. There will really be no excuse to roll over for the next conservative activist nominee.

Posted by Bill Scher on Apr 18, 2007 email post email Spotlight / / You are in Judiciary
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