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Wednesday Aug 8, 2007

Dubya: Tax Cuts Hikes Unleash The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Dubya earlier today (emphasis added):

Tax cuts let Americans keep their own money. It stimulates entrepreneurship. And we have a debate here in Washington over tax cuts. Democrats in Congress want to increase taxes and turn them into additional government programs, and I strongly oppose that approach.

We want the people to keep more of their own money because we understand that the American economy, entrepreneurs and small business owners are the ones who create jobs. The genius of our free market economy is that it grows from the bottom up, through the college student who starts up a business in a parent's garage, or a stay-at-home mom who works out of a home office, or the small business owner who dreams of growing his or her enterprise into a big business.

The entrepreneurial spirit has helped our economy keep pace with new technologies, and America is a leader in innovation. Twelve years ago, eBay did not exist. Today eBay is a global business that reported nearly $6 billion in net revenues last year. Hundreds of thousands of Americans now make part of their living by selling products on that website. EBay is an entrepreneurial success story that has helped thousands of Americans become entrepreneurs themselves.

Twelve years ago, it was 1995.

So eBay was founded two years after President Clinton's deficit reduction package, which included tax increases.

The one that Republican leaders lambasted with attacks such as "biggest tax increase in the history of America," "it will kill jobs and lead to a recession" and "the impact on job creations is going to be devastating."

Republicans didn't understand our economy then. They sure don't understand it now.

With Democrats in Congress proposing to raise tax revenue (tobacco taxes for more kids' health insurance and closing tax loopholes benefiting Big Oil for more renewable energy), the need to reframe the tax debate is increasingly urgent.

LiberalOasis warned Dems of the need to reframe the tax debate after the November elections.

As explained in Wait! Don't Move To Canada!, the debate can be reframed away from the Republican favored "less vs. more," by using the success of the 1993 package to show how 'a "fair and adequate" tax system helps our overall economy more than the unfair and inadequate taxation practiced by Republicans.

Dubya's idiotic comments create a fresh opening to do just that.

Posted by Bill Scher on Aug 8, 2007 email post email Spotlight / / You are in Taxes
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