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Thursday Sep 20, 2007

Quote Fishing

Kristen Breitweiser, Sept. 11 widow and one the influential "Jersey Girls," writes in the Huffington Post today:

This morning I was bombarded by a series of phone calls from the press. Breathlessly, they all asked how I felt about Ahmandinejad, the president of Iran, visiting Ground Zero.

Wasn't I outraged?

Didn't I want to protest such a flagrant act of disrespect by this world outcast toward one of our country's most sacred sites?

How could a "terrorist leader on the level of UBL" have the audacity to visit Ground Zero?

However, a search of Google News and Nexis indicates that no media outlets actually quoted Breitweiser.

Perhaps that's because her opinion was that he should be able to go:

Real statesmanship would be a presidential candidate with the courage to encourage potentially dangerous, misinformed leaders like Ahmandinejad to visit Ground Zero, in the hopes that they might learn something.

Real statesmanship would mean proposing a new dialogue with Ahmandinejad and other Iranian leaders, searching for some common ground between America and Iran while there's still time to avert disaster.

Reporters apparently did not call her to get her informed opinion, but were fishing for an "outrage" quote to fill in a pre-written story.

And when they didn't get it, they moved on and fished around some more.

Posted by Bill Scher on Sep 20, 2007 email post email Spotlight / / You are in Iran
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