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Friday Nov 16, 2007

Clinton on Pakistan

Here's Sen. Hillary Clinton discussing Pakistan at Thursday night's debate:

... there's absolutely a connection between a democratic regime and heightened security for the United States. That's what's so tragic about this situation.

After 9/11, President Bush had a chance to chart a different course, both in Pakistan and in Afghanistan, and could have been very clear about what our expectations were. We are now in a bind, and it is partly -- not completely, but partly -- a result of the failed policies of the Bush administration.

So, where we are today means that we have to say to President Musharraf: Look, this is not in your interest either. This is not in the interest of the United States. It is not in your interest to either stay in power or stay alive.

Sure sounds like she wished Bush pushed for democratic reform in Pakistan, instead of propping up Musharraf's dictatorship.

But here's what she said in a debate from August, when criticizing Sen. Barack Obama's pledge to strike terrorists in Pakistan's border region if Musharraf would not act on actionable intelligence:

I think it is a very big mistake to telegraph that and to destabilize the Musharraf regime, which is fighting for its life against the Islamic extremists who are in bed with al Qaeda and Taliban.

Of course, as everyone now knows, Musharraf is primarily fighting for his life against lawyers and judges, not the tribal militants.

Sen. Clinton is not alone among Dem candidates in supporting Musharraf.

Both Sen. John Edwards and Sen. Chris Dodd have expressed support for Musharraf to maintain "stability."

Whereas Obama, Gov. Bill Richardson and Sen. Joe Biden have been more consistent in supporting democratic principles.

Posted by Bill Scher on Nov 16, 2007 email post email Spotlight / / You are in Pakistan
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