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Tuesday Nov 6, 2007

We can figure this out

We have one more year of George W. Bush. Personally, I believe that we need to impeach the President and the Vice President. This isn't a tit for tat but a defense of the constitution. The Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have decided not to go down this road. I think that this is a mistake. When faced between defending the constitution and not wanting to be seen as divisive the Dems chose the latter. Constitution on this hand and ruffling feathers on this hand.

Here's my case: Domestic spying. We were told after weeks of denial that this was a vital program. We have to be able to listen in on the terrorists. We have been told if a terrorist is calling America it is in our best interest to know who that terrorist is calling. Well, it turns out that the President wasn't entirely honest with the American people. He didn't tell us that he had been spying on Americans prior to 9/11. So, he's spying had nothing to do with terrorists. It had everything to do with power. It had everything to do with I'm the President and I can do as I please. This has nothing to do with national security. This has nothing to do with chasing down terrorists. It is simply I'm President. I want to do this. So, I'm doing it. This is wrong on so many levels. The Church commission and the FISA courts that grew out of those hearings were started because they wanted to check presidential power.

Torture. Keith Olbermann had a GREAT special comment about torture last night. He said, 'All the petulancy, all the childish threats, all the blank-stare stupidity; all the invocations of World War III, all the sophistic questions about which terrorist attacks we wanted him not to stop, all the phony secrets; all the claims of executive privilege, all the stumbling tap-dancing of his nominees, all the verbal flatulence of his apologists...

All of it is now, after one revelation last week, transparently clear for what it is: the pathetic and desperate manipulation of the government, the refocusing of our entire nation, toward keeping this mock president and this unstable vice president and this departed wildly self-overrating attorney general, and the others, from potential prosecution for having approved or ordered the illegal torture of prisoners being held in the name of this country.

'Waterboarding is torture,' Daniel Levin was to write. Daniel Levin was no theorist and no protester. He was no troublemaking politician. He was no table-pounding commentator. Daniel Levin was an astonishingly patriotic American and a brave man."

So, out of nowhere comes a Department of Justice lawyer. He has himself waterboarded to see if it is torture or not. Daniel Levin was the man. He was brave and thoughtful. He was exactly the kind of lawyer that would right now be on the streets demonstrating in Pakistan if he lived in that country. Instead, he did his job. He was writing a memo stating that Waterboarding is torture when he was fired, released, booted or silenced by Alberto Gonzales. The United States declared waterboarding torture back in the 1940's.

Isn't shredding the Constitution of the United States an impeachable offense? (I did an interview with Bruce Fein, constitutional lawyer who drew up articles of impeachment on Bill Clinton and wants Congress to impeach President Bush.)

Posted by Errington Thompson on Nov 6, 2007 email post email Spotlight / / You are in Executive Power
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