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Sunday Dec 16, 2007

Why Ruin a Good Surge?

How awesome is the surge?

So awesome, the occupying US military doesn't want the millions of Iraqis forced out of their country to come back.

Because then the surge wouldn't be awesome anymore.

From the W. Post: (emphasis added)

When the Iraqi government last month invited home the 1.4 million refugees who had fled this war-ravaged country for Syria -- and said it would send buses to pick them up -- the United Nations and the U.S. military reacted with horror.

U.N. refugee officials immediately advised against the move, saying any new arrivals risked homelessness, unemployment and deprivation in a place still struggling to take care of the people already here. For the military, the prospect of refugees returning to reclaim houses long since occupied by others, particularly in Baghdad, threatened to destroy fragile security improvements.

"It's a problem that everybody can grasp," said a senior U.S. diplomat here. "You move back to the house that you left and find that somebody else has moved into the house, maybe because they've been displaced from someplace else. And it's even more difficult than that, because in many cases the local militias . . . have seized control and threw out anybody in that neighborhood they didn't like."

The vast population upheaval resulting from Iraq's sectarian conflict has left the country with yet another looming crisis. At least one of every six Iraqis -- about 4.5 million people -- has left home, some for other parts of Iraq, others for neighboring nations.

Hey, why ruin a good surge by letting people come back home?

Recall that another W. Post reporter, Thomas Ricks recently summed up the current state of Iraq like so: reason that [Baghdad] is quieter is because of the presence of American troops ... another reason is that some Sunni neighborhoods are walled off, and other Sunni areas have been ethnically cleansed. In addition, the Shiite death squads, in addition to killing a lot of innocents, also killed some of the car bomb guys, I am told.

We have relative quiet ("moving from the eighth circle of hell to the fifth" according to Ricks) in part because militants successfully forced millions to flee, if they weren't simply murdered.

And the occupying military force believes that relative quiet would dissipate if the displaced returned home.

So, the surge hasn't helped bring about political reconciliation between Iraqi factions.

It is helping to solidify the ethnic cleansing that has already taken place.

Freedom! Stability! It's Surge-errific!

Posted by Bill Scher on Dec 16, 2007 email post email Spotlight / / You are in Iraq
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