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Thursday Sep 11, 2008

Special Comment - 9/11 hijacked

I usually agree with most of what Keith Olbermann has to say in his special comments. He is usually blunt and to the point. He points to something glaring and obvious that we (I) have ignored to some extent. This Comment is on 9/11 and the Republicans. It is about 9/11 and John McCain. I completely ignored Senator John McCain's comment that he knows how to capture Bin Laden. I guess I shouldn't have. I looked at it as the bluster of a campaign. This is one subject no American should bluster about. This is important. If John McCain knows how to capture Osama Bin Laden isn't it his duty as an American citizen to tell the president and/or to tell Generals in the Pentagon? Heck, isn't it his duty to post the information on a blog or stand in the street and shout the information until somebody listens to him? I'm just askin'.

Posted by Errington Thompson on Sep 11, 2008 email post email Spotlight / / You are in Republican Party
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