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Thursday Sep 10, 2009

Congressman Joe Wilson is an example of something... I just don't know what

Tonight, President Barack Obama, in front of a joint session of Congress, spoke with conviction on healthcare. He beat down the lies and pledged his support to Medicare and seniors. He told his progressive colleagues that the public option is a means to an ends. It is the ends that we want.

Watch the video:

Before I go on, I must address Congressman Joe Wilson. What a dork. In public, there is some behavior that is simply unacceptable. If you're a meeting with colleagues and you suddenly drop your trousers, that is unacceptable. If you're in one of those nice hotel meeting rooms with some perspective clients and you suddenly spit on the floor, that is unacceptable. Shouting in a joint session of Congress, "You lie!" Is unacceptable. There no two ways around it. After his jaw-dropping comment, after the president's speech was complete, the South Carolina representative released a statement which stated in part, "While I disagree with the president's statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable." Accidentally knocking over a glass of cold water which spills in your wife's lap is regrettable. Shouting at the president as an elected official of United States Congress is totally unacceptable for Republicans or Democrats. Since it seems that no Republicans ever resign (almost never) from anything these days, I've donated money to Rob Miller who is challenging him in 2010.

Now, as we sat back and analyze the president's words, we must remember that Republicans never rest. This fight is not over. Republicans, the health-insurance industry and the pharmaceutical companies are reloading. We have to be ready for their counterpunch because it is coming. Even if we pass effective healthcare reform, this fight isn't over. There are still Republicans who are trying to kill Medicare and Social Security. We cannot become complacent because the president has just laid out his case and given a great speech. We must continue to organize. We must continue to write and call our Congressman. (No matter whether your Congressman is for or against healthcare reform he or she has to know where you stand.) This is the legislative fight of our generation. Healthcare will help level the playing field and give a huge boost to small business. We must win this fight.

Posted by Errington Thompson on Sep 10, 2009 email post email Spotlight / / You are in Health Care