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This Is Not Normal Episode 30: All Too Normal

Bill Scher and Traci Olsen discuss the wave of sexual misconduct revelations and the GOP tax bill.

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Talk Me Down Episode 6: This Is Not Normal

In which Bill Scher concedes to Traci Olsen that “Talk Me Down” may no longer be the best guiding principle for this podcast.

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Talk Me Down Episode 2: The Bernie-Hillary Generation Gap

Are Democrats hopelessly divided? Will Bernie Sanders supporters abandon Hillary Clinton if she is the nominee? Will 2016 be 2000 redux? Bill Scher tries to talk Traci Olsen down.

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Talk Me Down Episode 1: Donald Trump

Donald Trump makes us anxious! But after you consider America’s demographics, limited cash assets and minimal cross-partisan appeal, you will be talked down.

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Real Clear Politics: GOP Should Quit Playing Scandal Politics

The failure of Benghazi to take down either Obama or Clinton should not have surprised anyone. Presidential scandal politics almost never pay off for the opposition party.

Politico Magazine: Attacking Bernie Could Backfire

The candidate to beat at the Democrats’ first debate on Tuesday isn’t Hillary Clinton—it’s Bernie Sanders.

Politico Magazine: Hillary’s Free-Trade Fake Out

Hillary Clinton’s newfound opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership is another chapter in the long story of Democrats campaigning one way on trade, and governing another.

Politico Magazine: President Trump’s First 100 Days

They wouldn’t be so bad! Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura show us what it’s like when voters elect celebrity blowhards to run executive branches.

MSNBC’s Up: Jeb Bush Does Not Forget Poland

I discuss how Jeb Bush can distance himself from his brother on his swing through Europe.

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