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How 2016 Turned the Democrats into the National Security Party: Foreign Policy and the Upcoming Presidential Election

Bill Scher addresses the World Affairs Council of Western Massachusetts.

C-Span: Discussion of the Green Party Convention

Bill Scher talks with C-Span’s Yian Mui about the Green Party convention and Jill Stein’s presidential candidacy.

The Last Word: Is Obama To Blame For Trump?

On MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” I join Lawrence O’Donnell, Howard Dean and Maria Teresa Kumar to discuss how Trump has roiled the GOP.

HuffPost Live: Previewing The Democratic Debate

I join host Alyona Minkovski, Tara Dowdell and Nomiki Konst to preview tonight’s Democratic presidential debate.

MSNBC’s Up: Jeb Bush Does Not Forget Poland

I discuss how Jeb Bush can distance himself from his brother on his swing through Europe.

MSNBC’s Up: Scott Walker Can’t Quit Voter ID

In this segment of MSNBC’s “Up,” I discuss Scott Walker’s appearance at Sen. Joni Ernst’s “Roast and Ride” and his insistence on supporting voter suppression tactics that backfired in 2012.

MSNBC’s Up: Eulogizing Beau Biden

Today on MSNBC’s Up, I join the panel to share thoughts on the passing of Vice-President Joe Biden’s son Beau.

Part I

Part II

MSNBC’s Up: Why Rubio Has No Chance

I lay down my marker on why Sen. Marco Rubio won’t get the 2016 Republican nomination.

MSNBC’s Up: How Should the GOP Handle Hillary?

I ask Rick Lazio, whom Hillary Clinton defeated in the 2000 New York Senate race, how the Republican Party should run against her.

MSNBC’s Up: Countdown To Hillary

Hours before Hillary Clinton joins the 2016 presidential race I join the “Up” panel to discuss if she’s ready.

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