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The Last Word: Is Obama To Blame For Trump?

On MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” I join Lawrence O’Donnell, Howard Dean and Maria Teresa Kumar to discuss how Trump has roiled the GOP.

HuffPost Live: Previewing The Democratic Debate

I join host Alyona Minkovski, Tara Dowdell and Nomiki Konst to preview tonight’s Democratic presidential debate.

MSNBC’s Up: Jeb Bush Does Not Forget Poland

I discuss how Jeb Bush can distance himself from his brother on his swing through Europe.

MSNBC’s Up: Scott Walker Can’t Quit Voter ID

In this segment of MSNBC’s “Up,” I discuss Scott Walker’s appearance at Sen. Joni Ernst’s “Roast and Ride” and his insistence on supporting voter suppression tactics that backfired in 2012.

MSNBC’s Up: Eulogizing Beau Biden

Today on MSNBC’s Up, I join the panel to share thoughts on the passing of Vice-President Joe Biden’s son Beau.

Part I

Part II

MSNBC’s Up: Why Rubio Has No Chance

I lay down my marker on why Sen. Marco Rubio won’t get the 2016 Republican nomination.

MSNBC’s Up: How Should the GOP Handle Hillary?

I ask Rick Lazio, whom Hillary Clinton defeated in the 2000 New York Senate race, how the Republican Party should run against her.

MSNBC’s Up: Countdown To Hillary

Hours before Hillary Clinton joins the 2016 presidential race I join the “Up” panel to discuss if she’s ready.

MSNBC’s Up: What If Hillary Bows Out?

On MSNBC’s Up I discuss my latest for Politico Magazine, “What If Hillary Bows Out?”

MSNBC’s Morning Joe: Can The Left Launch Its Own Tea Party?

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today Politico Playbook’s Mike Allen and Howard Dean discuss my latest for Politico Magazine, “Can The Left Launch Its Own Tea Party?”

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