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The DMZ: After Paris

Will the Paris attacks boost the authoritarian Donald Trump? Matt and I discuss the aftermath.

The DMZ: Does Rubio + Cruz = Jeb?

Matt and I explore the Cruz-Rubio rivalry and whether that could lead to a Jeb Bush victory.

The DMZ: Clown Car Debate

Can the Republicans have a debate without whining about the moderators? Matt and I dissect the CNBC train wreck.

The DMZ: Jeb v. Marco

Can Jeb survive his poor debate performance? Matt says it’s Rubio’s time, and Bill says Jeb can replicate John Kerry’s primary win.

The DMZ: Can Ryan Govern The House?

Matt and Bill debate whether a Paul Ryan speakership would end any differently than John Boehner’s.

The DMZ: The Dems Debate

Matt and Bill discuss how the first Democratic presidential debate alters the race.

The DMZ: Dem Debate Preview

Matt and Bill discuss how should the Democrats handle Bernie Sanders in the first debate.

The DMZ: Bye Bye Boehner

Matt and Bill discuss if Boehner’s resignation will actually change anything in the House.

The DMZ: Bye Bye Walker

Matt and Bill discuss why Scott Walker went bust.

The DMZ: Fiorinamentum

Matt and Bill discuss if Fiorina will puncture the Trump balloon.

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