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Real Clear Politics: Corporations Support Paris Accord. Progressives, Take Note.

“The standard progressive narrative tells us that corporate influence is why we can’t have nice things. But a “nearly united corporate front” of Big Business, according to the New York Times, sided with the left and tried to persuade President Trump to keep the U.S. in the Paris climate pact. …when it came to an issue of critical importance to the fate of the planet, these corporations fought on the right side of history. Progressives should take note, as they need all the help they can get.” (Click here for more.)

Politico Magazine: Will Trump Make You Care About Climate Change?

“Donald Trump won the presidency after promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act. But once he tried to follow through on his pledge, the public focused on what had been gained, and the health reform law became more popular than ever … now that Trump is about to follow through on his pledge to abandon the Paris climate pact, Democrats are hoping he will spark a renewed commitment to protecting the planet, and unwittingly turn the environment into a powerful wedge issue—just as he did with health care.” (Click here for more.)

Politico Magazine: Montana’s Charles Sumner Moment

“Conservative radio host Glenn Beck has long warned that a polarized America would eventually suffer another violent and divisive ‘Charles Sumner moment.’ Last June he said, ‘Mark my words. It will be someone like Ted Cruz or Louie Gohmert that gets the cane to the head. It will be a self-righteous progressive that will beat a liberty person almost to death.’ Close, but not quite. It was a testy conservative named Greg Gianforte who is said to have beaten a journalist, or as the president would say, a member of the ‘opposition party.'” (Click here for more.)

Politico Magazine: The Issue Democrats Wish Would Go Away

“[Rob] Quist’s break with the Democratic Party platform hasn’t produced a peep from the activist left; the gun issue wasn’t even raised before decided to endorse him. Are progressives knowingly practicing hard-headed electoral pragmatism? Or, as is more likely, are they ducking a divisive and frustrating issue for as long as possible, until another horrific mass shooting produces a fresh wave of outrage?” (Click here for more.)

Politico Magazine: An Outrageously Early Field Guide to 2020

“I can already hear your complaints: It’s too early to talk about the 2020 presidential primaries! But the prospective candidates don’t think so … What badges are potential Democrats trying to earn, and who is best positioned to claim each prize? Here is how the nascent field is shaping up…” (Click here for more.)

Real Clear Politics: Trump Isn’t Accomplishing Anything But His Voters Don’t Care

“As Trump compiles a record of failures, feints and half-finished work, his determined opponents anxiously await the moment when his voters will wake up and realize they have been conned. It’s a moment that never comes.” — Click here for more.

Politico Magazine: Trump’s First 100 Days, Ranked

“Herewith, from the impressive to the humiliating, are Trump’s first 100 days, ranked…”

Click here for the ranking.

Real Clear Politics: Why Are Democrats Fighting Each Other Over Abortion?

“Sen. Bernie Sanders does not consider himself a Democrat, so it’s not surprising that his headliner role in a Democratic Party ‘unity tour’ did not generate much unity. But it is surprising that he managed to create a rift over abortion rights, since the issue has not divided Democrats for years…”

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Politico Magazine: What Kansas Didn’t Do for Democrats

“Two big questions remain. Was this race just another fluky special election that will not be easily replicated? And did Thompson in defeat give Democrats a road map for a winning strategy in 2018?…”

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Politico Magazine: Why Republicans May Regret The Nuclear Option

“Beyond pocketing Gorsuch—and replacing one conservative justice for another—nothing about what comes next is guaranteed. Here are three big reasons why McConnell may wish he took his own advice…”

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