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Real Clear Politics: Trump Isn’t Accomplishing Anything But His Voters Don’t Care

“As Trump compiles a record of failures, feints and half-finished work, his determined opponents anxiously await the moment when his voters will wake up and realize they have been conned. It’s a moment that never comes.” — Click here for more.

Politico Magazine: Trump’s First 100 Days, Ranked

“Herewith, from the impressive to the humiliating, are Trump’s first 100 days, ranked…”

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Real Clear Politics: Why Are Democrats Fighting Each Other Over Abortion?

“Sen. Bernie Sanders does not consider himself a Democrat, so it’s not surprising that his headliner role in a Democratic Party ‘unity tour’ did not generate much unity. But it is surprising that he managed to create a rift over abortion rights, since the issue has not divided Democrats for years…”

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Politico Magazine: What Kansas Didn’t Do for Democrats

“Two big questions remain. Was this race just another fluky special election that will not be easily replicated? And did Thompson in defeat give Democrats a road map for a winning strategy in 2018?…”

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Politico Magazine: Why Republicans May Regret The Nuclear Option

“Beyond pocketing Gorsuch—and replacing one conservative justice for another—nothing about what comes next is guaranteed. Here are three big reasons why McConnell may wish he took his own advice…”

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Politico Magazine: When Is It OK for Democrats to Work With Trump? A Handy Guide

“In all likelihood, Democrats are going to have to pick their spots. But when is it OK to cooperate with someone who is viewed by most Democrats as the personification of bigotry and a tool of Vladimir Putin? Here is a handy guide for acceptable bipartisanship in Trump’s tempestuous Washington…”

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Politico Magazine: Memo to Ivanka: Flex Your West Wing Mojo

“If you have something to say about your dad’s environmental agenda, his budget priorities and his treatment of women and minorities, say it in front of a microphone, rally support from the public, increase your leverage and force his hand. Whispering in his ear doesn’t work…”

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Politico Magazine: The CBO’s Message to the GOP: You Don’t Have To Do This

“…the CBO says, relax. ‘The market for insurance purchased individually … would probably be stable in most areas under either current law or the legislation.’ In other words, action is a choice…”

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Real Clear Politics: Republicans Will Regret Trashing CBO on Health Bill

“…With all indications pointing to a bad score, Republican leaders are waging a campaign to discredit the CBO. Considering that the Republican Party has long claimed the mantle of fiscal responsibility, the CBO may not be the entity that ends up being discredited…”

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Politico Magazine: The Resistance Will Be … Underwritten By Corporations

“To maximize resistance to Donald Trump, Democrats need to win as many 2018 midterm election races as possible. And they can’t do it on $27 checks alone…”

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