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Politico Magazine: The Serious Case for Oprah 2020

“If Trump’s election has taught us anything, it’s that voters do treat celebrity and wealth as proof of accomplishment and credibility … But Democrats should be wary of trying to replicate the Trump fluke and thinking that the right celebrity is a shortcut to solving all that ails the party…”

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Politico Magazine: Democrats Should Not Fear the Nuclear Option

“If the operating assumption is that waging a filibuster means losing the filibuster, then the filibuster is already lost…”

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Politico Magazine: 6 Ways Not to Resist Donald Trump

“…before the progressive movement declares that it has a fully assembled Tea Party of its own, poised to neutralize Trump and take back Congress in 2018, it should pause and think hard about how best to build on this weekend’s success and how to avoid potential pitfalls…”

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The New Republic: Don’t Watch Donald Trump’s Inauguration

“A mass refusal to watch Trump on TV will deprive him of big ratings, which he routinely uses to create a false impression of widespread popularity…”

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Politico Magazine: No, Obama Probably Wouldn’t Have Beaten Trump

“…the Electoral College majority recoiled not only from her, but also from Obama’s implementation of his multicultural vision. Trump was able to flip six states Obama won in 2012, driving up white turnout while many of the minorities Clinton needed stayed home…”

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Politico Magazine: Five Reasons for Liberals to Have Hope

“…the Obama presidency should not be seen as a fluke, and the left need not presume that all is lost. Based on Tuesday’s election, as unlikely as it may seem, here are five reasons to hope that brighter days await the Democratic Party and the progressive movement, if they remain focused…”

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The New Republic: Confessions of a Ross Perot Voter

“Young Millennial Person, hear this from your ol’ Uncle Generation Xer. The siren song of the third-party routinely resonates loudly in young ears. You see the world with fresh eyes. You have no reason to accept reduced ambitions without a fight. You have yet to form partisan allegiances. A third-party vote can be exhilarating. You will have registered your voice against a status quo bestowed upon you by your elders. I felt that feeling, only for it to melt away four years later…”

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Politico Magazine: Hillary’s Risky ‘Deplorables’ Strategy

“…she’s making a bet that the makeup of 21st century America allows her to do something no Democratic nominee, not even Barack Obama, has done before: win the White House without winking at white grievance…”

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The New Republic: The Left Is Helping Donald Trump Give Populism a Bad Name

“This dynamic—denouncing Trump on one hand, but saving your most poignant criticism for Clinton—presents a potentially treacherous problem for the left…”

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Politico Magazine: Think You’ve Got It Locked, Hillary? Meet Jill Stein.

The longtime Massachusetts environmental activist and presumptive Green Party nominee (the Green convention is not until August 4) is hungrily eyeing disgruntled Sanders voters—many of whom have been saying that even now, with the nomination all but locked up, they still won’t vote for Hillary. Read more:

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