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Month: September 2013

MSNBC: Get Out Of Coup Free Card

Today’s MSNBC appearance, in which I lay out how Speaker Boehner can cut the Tea Party loose, avert a debt default, defeat any possible coup attempt and make history.

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MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts: Rand v. Christie

On MSNBC’s “Thomas Roberts” I join Huffington Post’s Sabrina Siddiqui and ThinkProgress’ Igor Volsky to discuss the Rand Paul/Chris Christie feud, and Boehner’s struggles corralling his caucus.

The DMZ: Peace Through Strength Edition

On this week’s edition of “The DMZ” on, Matt Lewis and I have completely different impressions of President Obama’s Syria address. Plus, is Mike Pence a 2016 possibility? Watch it below.

The DMZ: From Iraq to Syria

On this week’s edition of “The DMZ” on, Matt Lewis and I explain why we are not hypocrites for switching hats on Iraq and Syria. Watch it below.