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Month: July 2014

Real Clear Politics: Imagining the Biden 2016 Announcement

Why would he want to oppose a historic presidential candidacy of a woman with whom he mostly agrees and whom the vast majority of Democratic primary voters already support Here’s how I envision a truly candid Biden jumping into the race…

Politico Magazine: The Elizabeth Warren Fantasy

She’s not running. But what she is doing is more important. My take at Politico Magazine.

The Week: The GOP’s Ridiculous Executive-Authority Hypocrisy

Remembering when Republicans were demanding President Obama use his executive authority on immigration.

Politico Magazine: How Boehner Painted Himself in a Corner on Impeachment

John Boehner wanted to blame the president for the House’s failure to pass immigration reform. Instead, he laid the groundwork for a politically dangerous right-wing impeachment push. My analysis at Politico Magazine.

Real Clear Politics: Privacy Panel Report Undercuts Snowden’s NSA Claim

The government’s privacy watchdog panel just declared, in a unanimous report, that the National Security Agency’s phone and email collection program is “valuable and effective in protecting the nation’s security” with “no evidence of intentional abuse.”

The Week: How Obama’s Immigration Push Could Hand the House to Democrats

Galvanized Latino voters could tip these House races and oust incumbent Republicans.