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Month: August 2014

MSNBC’s Up: The Political Reach of the Koch Network

On MSNBC’s Up I join the panel to discuss how the Kochs will impact the next election.

Real Clear Politics: Why Won’t the Left Get Behind Bernie Sanders ’16?

Left-wing Democrats pine for Sen. Elizabeth Warren. But Sen. Bernie Sanders holds an advantage over Warren: He’s actually interested in running.

Politico Magazine: Is Hillary Too Hawkish to Win in 2016?

Probably not. But Rand Paul is probably too dovish. My take for Politico Magazine.

The Week: Why the GOP Should Tank The Midterms

The Republicans may win in November. They’d be better off if they don’t. My helpful advice in The Week.

Real Clear Politics: For Second Time, Boehner Lets Cruz Play Speaker

Like his doomed Obamacare threat, Cruz’s DACA demand is designed to be a non-starter with Democrats, and is devoid of an endgame strategy. The remaining question this time is whether Boehner will handle Cruz the same way he did last year.