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Month: September 2014

Politico Magazine: Good News, Democrats, You’re Going to Lose!

“The inconvenient truth for the Republican Party is that it’s not ready for prime time, yet it’s on the verge of fully sharing with the president the responsibility of running the country.” “>My thoughts on why Democrats shouldn’t worry about losing the Senate.

Real Clear Politics: No, Zephyr, Democrats Don’t Need to Have a Civil War

The GOP has been presiding over a low-grade civil war between purists and pragmatists for the last three election cycles, which has severely hampered the party’s effort to rehabilitate its brand following the George W. Bush presidency. And Democrats should not forget that they have suffered the consequences of failed primary challenges themselves.

Real Clear Politics: Why Are Republicans Suddenly Leaning Left?

Several Republican candidates in the year’s most competitive Senate races have begun their fall sprint to Election Day, not by embracing Tea Party-fueled conservatism but by defensively tacking leftward.