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Month: October 2014

Real Clear Politics: How Republicans Could Blow It

In the campaign’s home stretch, a “red” battlefield has emerged. It’s smaller: just Georgia, Kansas and South Dakota. Republicans forgot to play defense here, and now polling in all three states is volatile.

Politico Magazine: How Republicans Lost The Culture War

On Aug. 17, 1992, Pat Buchanan and the Republican Party declared a “culture war … for the soul of America.” On Oct. 6, 2014, Republicans surrendered. My obituary of the Republican culture war.

MSNBC’s Up: Good News, Democrats, You’re Going to Lose!

Today I joined MSNBC’s Up to talk about my recent Politico Magazine prediction, “Good News, Democrats, You’re Going to Lose!”

Real Clear Politics: Why Is Republican Outreach to Women So Awful?

The flurry of Republican ads targeting women confirm they know the gender gap is for real. But as the numbers indicate, the ads haven’t narrowed it; they often try too hard, miss the point and make the problem worse.