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Month: November 2014

Politico Magazine: Trolling The GOP

“Fortunately for Obama, bringing out the worst in Republicans serves both his political and his policy purposes.” “>My analysis of President Obama’s immigration strategy.

Real Clear Politics: Could an Iran Deal Avoid Fate of the League of Nations?

The second-term president had just suffered a brutal midterm election in which his party lost control of Congress, despite an October plea to the public asking for representatives that shared his vision. Shrugging off the results, the president forged ahead as if nothing had changed, seeking a highly controversial but potentially game-changing international agreement. Not President Barack Obama. President Woodrow Wilson.

Real Clear Politics: Can Martha Coakley Change the Tide in Massachusetts?

Tuesday night in Massachusetts, either Charlie Baker will be deemed a possible rising star of a modernized Republican Party, or Martha Coakley will be a case study in how perseverance can shatter a glass ceiling.