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Month: December 2014

Real Clear Politics: Obama’s Poll Bump Is a Message for Republicans

“How can this be?” Republicans must be wondering. They just seized the Senate with a campaign based on little else but attacking incumbent Democrats for voting with Obama. It’s a question Republicans should think long and hard about before they fully take over Congress next week.

Real Clear Politics: The Case for Justice Anthony Kennedy to Retire

For Kennedy to let a Democratic president and a Republican Senate name his successor would be a fitting bookend to a historic and consequential tenure begun in 1988 thanks to a Republican president and a Democratic Senate.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe: Can The Left Launch Its Own Tea Party?

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today Politico Playbook’s Mike Allen and Howard Dean discuss my latest for Politico Magazine, “Can The Left Launch Its Own Tea Party?”

Politico Magazine: Can the Left Launch Its Own Tea Party?

I ask if the left is ready to confront the Democratic Party establishment and would it work?

Real Clear Politics: How Democrats Handled a Law-Breaking President

Republicans should examine the last time a Congress dealt with a president from the opposing party whom it accused of breaking the law and violating the Constitution. It was December 2005…