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Month: January 2015

Real Clear Politics: Are Republicans Ready to Grow Up?

Fortunately for the GOP, what’s occurring inside their ranks does not have to descend into another round of “Republicans In Disarray” stories. This could be the beginning of a desperately needed maturation process, if Republicans are willing to have some open, honest, dialogue.

Real Clear Politics: The Left Grapples With Charlie Hebdo

While the civilized world has united in outrage over the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo and resolved to defend freedom of speech, unity has quickly broken down over whether doing so also requires endorsing the newsmagazine’s inflammatory cartoons—and sidelining concerns liberals previously raised about anti-Islamic bigotry.

Politico Magazine: The Democrats’ Donkey in the Room

Democrats, especially Hillary, will have to decide this year if they want to embrace or reject the Obama record. My analysis here.