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Month: March 2015

Real Clear Politics: The Danger for Republicans in Balancing the Budget

By taking social spending to the woodshed, the Republican budget comes with tons of downside political risk, especially for the seven Republican senators running for re-election next year in Democratic “blue” states.

Politico Magazine: Are We Ever Going to Get Hillary 3.0?

My reaction to the widely criticized Hillary/email press conference in Politico Magazine.

Real Clear Politics: Why Bibi’s Speech Didn’t Work

Our first president, George Washington, was temporarily upstaged in 1793 by the French Ambassador Edmond-Charles Genet. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu did Genet one better; he actually went over Obama’s head. Neither attempt worked.

MSNBC’s Up: What If Hillary Bows Out?

On MSNBC’s Up I discuss my latest for Politico Magazine, “What If Hillary Bows Out?”

Politico Magazine: What if Hillary Bows Out?

I know it will never happen, but what if Hillary didn’t run? How dependent is Democratic Party unity on her?