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Month: June 2015

Real Clear Politics: Adios, Ann: Coulter’s Bad Electoral Math

As far as Coulter is concerned, Latinos are just “another Democratic constituency.” Immigration reform would only create “30 million new [Democratic] voters” since Latinos are not swing voters. Coulter concludes: “Will elected Republicans ever notice that working-class whites are the only swing voters?” Is Coulter correct? Let’s check the numbers.

Politico Magazine: ‘Liberal’ Isn’t a Bad Word Anymore

At long last, the “L-Word” is back. My thoughts on the comeback in Politico Magazine.

Politico Magazine: Why Democrats Are Schizo on Trade

My latest for Politico Magazine explores what the House trade vote does, and doesn’t, mean for the Democratic Party.

MSNBC’s Up: Jeb Bush Does Not Forget Poland

I discuss how Jeb Bush can distance himself from his brother on his swing through Europe.

MSNBC’s Up: Scott Walker Can’t Quit Voter ID

In this segment of MSNBC’s “Up,” I discuss Scott Walker’s appearance at Sen. Joni Ernst’s “Roast and Ride” and his insistence on supporting voter suppression tactics that backfired in 2012.

MSNBC’s Up: Eulogizing Beau Biden

Today on MSNBC’s Up, I join the panel to share thoughts on the passing of Vice-President Joe Biden’s son Beau.

Part I

Part II

Real Clear Politics: Snowden and the Civil Libertarians Lost

When the USA Freedom Act was signed into law, the ACLU’s Jameel Jaffer declared it “a milestone [and] the most important surveillance reform bill since 1978.” But only a few days earlier he pooh-poohed it as only “a very, very small step” forward and “between USA Freedom … and sunset [of the metadata bulk collection program], our preference is sunset.” The civil libertarian two-stepping exposes the truth: Snowden lost.