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Month: July 2015

The DMZ: Can’t Quit Trump Edition

On this week’s DMZ Matt and I explain the rise of Trump, the downfall of Rand Paul and the future of Hillary Clinton.

The DMZ: Bipartisan Crack-Up?

On this week’s The DMZ we discuss the contentious Netroots Nation presidential town hall and how the Republican Party can stop Donald Trump.

Real Clear Politics: Reykjavik vs. Vienna

With Republicans claiming Obama should have walked out on Iran the way Reagan did in Reykjavik, in Real Clear Politics I take a look back at what really happened at, and after, Reykjavik.

Politico Magazine: When Reagan Dared to Say “God Bless America”

35 years ago today Ronald Reagan became the first presidential nominee to close a convention speech with “God Bless America.” And it was the moment that Reagan yoked the Republican Party to the Christian Right. Read on for why that may have been a big mistake.

The DMZ: Give Peace a Chance

On this week’s The DMZ we talk about the political ramifications of the Iran deal and if social conservatives should care about candidate spouses.

The DMZ: Who Can Sister Souljah Donald Trump?

On this week’s The DMZ: can the GOP deny Donald Trump a debate podium? And how was Scott Walker’s rollout?

Politico Magazine: To Win, Bernie Can’t Be Bernie

My unsolicited advice to Bernie Sanders in Politico Magazine.

Real Clear Politics: A Counterterrorism Strategy for White Shooters?

If a non-Muslim white American mass shooter is no different than a radical Islamic militant, then that raises the question: What “counterterrorism” methods should we be using on our homegrown terrorists?

The LiberalOasis Radio Show: Watch This Space

The LiberalOasis Radio Show has been on hiatus since July 2013. Is a triumphant return in the making? Watch this space!

The DMZ: America Is So Gay

On The DMZ today: how are conservatives reacting to the Supreme Court’s landmark gay marriage ruling? And is Chris Christie already toast?