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Month: October 2015

The DMZ: Jeb v. Marco

Can Jeb survive his poor debate performance? Matt says it’s Rubio’s time, and Bill says Jeb can replicate John Kerry’s primary win.

Real Clear Politics: GOP Should Quit Playing Scandal Politics

The failure of Benghazi to take down either Obama or Clinton should not have surprised anyone. Presidential scandal politics almost never pay off for the opposition party.

The DMZ: Can Ryan Govern The House?

Matt and Bill debate whether a Paul Ryan speakership would end any differently than John Boehner’s. Justin Trudeau Did What FDR Could Not. Win With Keynes.

For Trudeau to win the Canadian election on an explicit promise to create budget deficits is highly unusual, in any country.

The DMZ: The Dems Debate

Matt and Bill discuss how the first Democratic presidential debate alters the race.

HuffPost Live: Previewing The Democratic Debate

I join host Alyona Minkovski, Tara Dowdell and Nomiki Konst to preview tonight’s Democratic presidential debate.

Real Clear Politics: House GOP, Don’t Give In to Far-Right Bullies

Instead of standing up to the far-right bullies who perennially take the government hostage for the conservative outrage du jour, Boehner and McCarthy have effectively let them dictate how the House is run.

Politico Magazine: Attacking Bernie Could Backfire

The candidate to beat at the Democrats’ first debate on Tuesday isn’t Hillary Clinton—it’s Bernie Sanders.

Politico Magazine: Hillary’s Free-Trade Fake Out

Hillary Clinton’s newfound opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership is another chapter in the long story of Democrats campaigning one way on trade, and governing another.

The DMZ: Dem Debate Preview

Matt and Bill discuss how should the Democrats handle Bernie Sanders in the first debate.