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Month: November 2015

The DMZ: Defending Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson did not support the KKK and other myths debunked.

Real Clear Politics: Princeton, Don’t Erase Woodrow Wilson’s Name

For Princeton, the university that Wilson led for eight years, to take the lead in warping Wilson into a historical monster amounts to an abdication of its role as an institution of higher learning. One need not be a fan of Wilson’s to acknowledge that he is one of America’s most consequential presidents.

The DMZ: After Paris

Will the Paris attacks boost the authoritarian Donald Trump? Matt and I discuss the aftermath.

The DMZ: Does Rubio + Cruz = Jeb?

Matt and I explore the Cruz-Rubio rivalry and whether that could lead to a Jeb Bush victory.

Politico Magazine: Jeb Bush Is 2016’s John Kerry

Jeb Bush’s rough autumn resembles John Kerry’s nadir in late 2003, right before the comeback.

Real Clear Politics: Democrats Need Not Panic Over Down-Ballot Trend

Does the poor down-ballot track record experienced by Democratic candidates not named Barack Obama mean that going into the next cycle the Democratic Party is in shambles? No, Democrats are not in trouble heading into 2016—far from it. What has been happening is merely a particularly dramatic example of what bedevils most presidents: midterm elections.

The DMZ: Clown Car Debate

Can the Republicans have a debate without whining about the moderators? Matt and I dissect the CNBC train wreck.

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