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Month: February 2016

Real Clear Politics: Don’t Punish Clinton, Sanders for 1994 Crime Bill

Should we treat support of the 1994 crime bill as evidence that neither candidate has the interests of African-Americans at heart, and that the Democrats are a hopeless vessel for those demanding racial equality? Context matters, as do details.

Politico Magazine: The Unlikely Source Clinton Used to Win in Nevada

Relying on a message of pragmatism and experience had fallen flat. So Hillary Clinton turned to Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Politico Magazine: Why Bernie Sanders Wins Even If He Loses

If he can keep Clinton under about 60 percent in most areas, he will keep scooping up delegates. As long as his base sticks with him, and maintains his ability to collect delegates, he will have no incentive to drop out. Why? Because if you have delegates, you can make demands.

Real Clear Politics: Why It’s OK to Accept Wall Street Campaign Cash

What do Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Franklin Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson all have in common? They all accepted campaign contributions from Wall Street tycoons. And, for those on that list who have already been president, all successfully imposed regulations on corporations anyway.

Politico Magazine: Why Socialists Can’t Wait for Bernie to Lose

Socialist party leaders are banking on Bernie to create an unparalleled recruitment opportunity – as soon as he loses.

Politico Magazine: Hillary’s ‘She’s a Liar’ Problem

Approximately half of Sanders’ voters said Clinton doesn’t “share” their “values.” That animosity reveals a deep ideological divide that will become harder to bridge the longer the race goes on.