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Month: May 2016

Politico Magazine: Why Does The Left Hate Hillary?

The best explanation may be deeply personal and goes back to one of the worst moments of her life: the searing experience of being entrusted with the biggest piece of Bill Clinton’s domestic policy agenda in the first two years of his administration—universal health coverage—and failing totally, arguably contributing to her party’s loss of both chambers of Congress and with it, the end of hope for an ambitious legislative legacy for herself and her husband. Read more:

Politico Magazine: Bernie Loses His Halo

It’s no longer taboo in liberal circles to attack Sanders as he drags out the nomination process at a time when many are itching to turn their fire on Donald Trump. Read more.

Politico Magazine: Is Sanders 2016 Becoming Nader 2000?

Even if Sanders isn’t deliberately trying to replicate the electoral trauma inflicted by Nader in 2000—when he probably cost Al Gore the presidency—Bernie’s lingering presence in the Democratic primary threatens to produce a similar result in November. Read more.

Politico Magazine: Why Trump Won’t Get Sanders’ Supporters

The problem for Trump is that the few areas of ideological overlap don’t come close to outweighing the long list of issues where Sanders and Trump are practically opposites. Read more.

New Republic: Can Hillary Win Sanders Supporters and the Never-Trump Faction?

So begins Clinton’s great six-month balancing act, trying to simultaneously win over skeptics on the left and political nomads on the right. And how exactly she walks that line could well determine how she governs. Read more: