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Month: June 2016

Politico Magazine: Think You’ve Got It Locked, Hillary? Meet Jill Stein.

The longtime Massachusetts environmental activist and presumptive Green Party nominee (the Green convention is not until August 4) is hungrily eyeing disgruntled Sanders voters—many of whom have been saying that even now, with the nomination all but locked up, they still won’t vote for Hillary. Read more:

Politico Magazine: Can Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Save The Establishment?

While Clinton still has work to do to woo Bernie voters, she has a huge opportunity created by the disruptive Trump, who has left many national security hawks, free marketers and pro-immigrant, pro-diversity conservatives feeling politically homeless. In turn, she and Obama have begun crafting arguments more associated with establishment politics than populism. Read more:

Politico Magazine: What If Bernie Wins California?

Such an end may not just be a consolation prize for the runner-up, but it could turn the convention into a full-blown battle for the soul of the Democratic Party. Read more: