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Month: September 2016

The New Republic: Confessions of a Ross Perot Voter

“Young Millennial Person, hear this from your ol’ Uncle Generation Xer. The siren song of the third-party routinely resonates loudly in young ears. You see the world with fresh eyes. You have no reason to accept reduced ambitions without a fight. You have yet to form partisan allegiances. A third-party vote can be exhilarating. You will have registered your voice against a status quo bestowed upon you by your elders. I felt that feeling, only for it to melt away four years later…”

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Politico Magazine: Hillary’s Risky ‘Deplorables’ Strategy

“…she’s making a bet that the makeup of 21st century America allows her to do something no Democratic nominee, not even Barack Obama, has done before: win the White House without winking at white grievance…”

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