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Month: January 2017

Politico Magazine: 6 Ways Not to Resist Donald Trump

“…before the progressive movement declares that it has a fully assembled Tea Party of its own, poised to neutralize Trump and take back Congress in 2018, it should pause and think hard about how best to build on this weekend’s success and how to avoid potential pitfalls…”

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This Is Not Normal Episode 7: Don’t Watch Trump

Why you shouldn’t watch Trump’s inauguration, State of the Unions or even press conferences. Why Republicans can’t easily repeal Obamacare. And what a 1987 ABC miniseries has to tell us today. Bill Scher and Traci Olsen discuss.

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The New Republic: Don’t Watch Donald Trump’s Inauguration

“A mass refusal to watch Trump on TV will deprive him of big ratings, which he routinely uses to create a false impression of widespread popularity…”

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This Is Not Normal Episode 6: Lazy, Sleepy Liberals

Bill Scher and Traci Olsen ponder why conservatives think liberals don’t work hard.

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