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Month: March 2017 (page 2 of 2)

This Is Not Normal Episode 12: Can Richard Simmons Keep Donald Trump Alive?

Bill Scher frets to Traci Olsen Donald Trump isn’t taking care of himself, setting up a 10-year reign of Mike Pence. Plus, should Democrats take corporate cash?

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The DMZ: March 8, 2017

Politico Magazine: The Resistance Will Be … Underwritten By Corporations

“To maximize resistance to Donald Trump, Democrats need to win as many 2018 midterm election races as possible. And they can’t do it on $27 checks alone…”

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This Is Not Normal Episode 11: The Best and the Brightest

Bill Scher and Traci Olsen on whether the Trump White House are Machiavellian geniuses or just not that bright. Plus, Bill reports back from the DNC Winter Meeting.

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The DMZ: March 3, 2017

With Matt Lewis, on the Jeff Sessions recusal and the border adjustment tax proposal

Politico Magazine: The Serious Case for Oprah 2020

“If Trump’s election has taught us anything, it’s that voters do treat celebrity and wealth as proof of accomplishment and credibility … But Democrats should be wary of trying to replicate the Trump fluke and thinking that the right celebrity is a shortcut to solving all that ails the party…”

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